Parental and Athlete Waivers and Agreements

(to be acknowledged during online registration)

Part 1—Parent

I understand that the well-being of my child is my responsibility in accordance with the sovereignty of God. I give permission for my child to participate in this activity and I hereby declare that my child is physically able to participate in the strenuous activity required by this sport. I agree with God's Word that Christians should settle their disputes among themselves and I waive and release any rights to claims for damages due to participation in this activity against Home Education Athletic Teams, Inc. and any party associated with the organization. By typing my name in the field below I am acknowledging that there could be accidents or injuries incurred by participation in this activity.

Part 2—Parent

In the event that my child suffers sudden illness, accident, or injury and neither parent or guardian can be contacted or are otherwise unavailable, I give permission for a licensed physician or emergency personnel to administer any emergency treatment that is deemed necessary.

As a parent or legal guardian, I will strive to model and promote Christ-like character through positive encouragement, respecting authority, and a God-honoring attitude no matter the outcome of the contest. I will strive to see that my athlete arrives promptly and consistently to all practices and contests.

Part 3—Athlete

As an athlete, I will strive to exhibit sportsmanship that will reflect positively on the person and nature of Jesus Christ. This will include but is not limited to playing fairly, respecting authority, encouraging and positive language to both teammates, opponents and others in authority, and a God-honoring attitude no matter the outcome of the contest. I acknowledge that I am part of a team and will work to promote what is best for the team and exhibit the effort and cooperation that will reflect this understanding.