HEAT Coach’s Pledge


I will:


  1. Provide a Christian honorable testimony as a member of the HEAT organization, whether on the playing field or off.


  1. Strive to develop each child's God-given gifts in character, academics, and athletic skill.


  1. Honor those in authority including umpires or referees by accepting their decisions without sarcasm, grumbling, or inappropriate gesturing. When I disagree with a call I will exemplify a Christ-like attitude and manner in my questioning and conversations with the referees.


  1. Not use the conduct of referees, other coaches, or players as an excuse for losing the game.


  1. Not verbally demoralize players in games or in practices. I will not speak negatively or use social media to disparage players, coaches, or fans from HEAT or other teams.


  1. Honor the Christian commitment of the program by my language, not using unwholesome words or participating in talk or joking that is not befitting a Christian testimony.


  1. Support the HEAT program values by encouraging my players and their parents to follow their respective pledges. I will verbally address parents and players who fail to adhere to what they agreed to follow.


  1. Give equal opportunity to every player to learn and develop skills specific to my sport. It is up to the player to take advantage of that opportunity.


  1. Do my best to provide some playing time for every player throughout the season. At the beginning of the season and periodically through the season, I will clearly state playing time expectations to the player and with parents when appropriate.  It will be made known that playing time is not equal, but based on skill, contribution level to team success, and the overall good of the team in putting a competitive team on the field against our opponent.


  1. Direct parents to the written Conflict Resolution Policy when a parent or player has a concern about either the program as a whole or myself as a coach.


  1. Understand that the team that I am coaching is part of a larger program, and I will adhere to the direction of the officers and the philosophies of the overall program.


I will support this coach’s pledge by doing my best to adhere to it. I understand that I may fail and will accept correction as appropriate and strive to make adjustments as warranted. I understand that the failure to comply with this pledge could result in the suspension of my coaching duties.